Since 2005, In Temporis Polska Sp. z o.o. has been offering services of temporary employment, recruitment, and HR and payroll outsourcing.


step1 step2 step3 step4 step5
1. Information meeting 2. Decision about cooperation
3. Recommendation and verification
4. Employment and HR activity of the Agency
5.Financial settlement 
  • presentation of cooperation rules
  • discussion of employment plans
  • gathering information about job positions
  • preliminary calculation of costs


  • agreement on terms and conditions
  • preparation of documents (contract + enclosures) by In Temporis Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • signing the contract
  • recommendation by In Temporis Polska Sp. z o.o. of employees chosen in the process of recruitment and selection
  • possibility to verify the skills of recommended candidates by the employer
  • approval of selected candidates


  • sending employees for medical examination
  • training in occupational health and safety
  • signing contracts with the candidates
  • registering the employees in relevant state institutions 
  • on the basis of the employees’ hours of work, In Temporis Polska Sp. z o.o. issues a VAT invoice

In Temporis Polska Sp. z o.o. takes responsibility for particular stages of cooperation and its results.


Temporary employment

The idea of temporary employment is to facilitate the management processes. This method of human resources management enables quick personnel support in case of an unexpected growth in jobs, orders or customers. Temporary employment may be used for a short time during a holiday period or an employee’s illness. It may also be used long-term during regular seasonal peaks of work and in other situations, specific to our Clients’ business

We offer employment of qualified personnel on the basis of flexible contracts (temporary employment contracts or civil-law contracts) which may be renewed many times. Furthermore, we take responsibility for all the work connected with the recruitment process and personnel issues, which saves time of our Clients.



For many employers, finding a right candidate for work is a serious challenge and frequently a very expensive and time-consuming process. Therefore, we offer our recruitment services. Owing to our experience, permanent cooperation with the biggest electronic and traditional media, career centres, and our own internal base of employees, we are able to find the best candidates quickly and efficiently.

This service covers not only recruitment, but also regular consultation, guaranteed replacement of an employee who does not fulfil expectations, and ongoing support.


HR and payroll outsourcing

Another service we offer is HR and payroll outsourcing, that is transferring the personnel and payroll activities of the Client to In Temporis Polska Sp. z o.o. In such a situation, the role of the Client’s Personnel Department is limited to supplying information (e.g. work time register, remuneration rates etc.) and possible coordination of our services.

Outsourcing is a beneficial solution both for large companies with extensive personnel departments and for smaller companies in which personnel management may be troublesome at times. Our services contribute to reduced costs of personnel administration and lower vulnerability of the company to holiday leaves and sick leaves of the employees.